Andrea Lee – Norton McMurray Manufacturing Company

The Role of TWI Job Relations at Norton McMurray Manufacturing Company.

Marissa Brinkman – Fishback Financial Corporation

Thank you so much for the workshop experience at Katacon 2019. I got so much from it and I am excited to begin applying the pattern. I am completey impressed by how you serve others through your teaching and sharing, it is truly admirable. I look forawrd to listening in on more webinars and podcasts that you present in the future.


My deepest thanks!!

Parkes Shire Council

We all know the importance of coaching when it comes to performance in sport. Even though I have been leading people for 20 years I had not realised the power of utilising coaching kata to maximise peoples capabilities and attain goals. I wish I found it all those year ago.


Brad Byrnes , Chief Operating Officer Parkes Shire Council – March 6, 2019

Parkes Shire Council

The Toyota Kata patterns have radically improved the way our managers and supervisors interact with their reports and has helped drive our organisation to be a leader in its’ field.


  Andrew Francis, Chief Operating Officer Parkes Shire Council – March 6, 2019

Lewis M. Carter Manufacturing (LMC)

Irecently took the 10-hour Job Instruction (JI) course with Oscar Roche in San Antonio. I also just completed the 40-hour JI course with Dick Jackson in Syracuse.



Oscar had told me some tips to ‘put the worker at ease’. When I got home, I asked for a copy of these tips. He happily complied.


Oscar asked if I felt I’d received the same ‘messages’ from him as I did from Dick. I replied:

‘You and Dick have very similar messages and ways of delivering them. You had a profound effect on me – and my style of delivering classes will reflect it.
‘You both stick to the manuals very much and I believe that’s the way it should be. I remember when you broke down the Fire Underwriter’s Knot the 10-hour class; you were absolutely methodical at it.


‘It just so happened that Dick gave me the first hour of Session 2 for practice in his 40-hour class which, as you know, is breaking down the knot. Still impressed with your performance, I emulated your style in my presentation.


‘Dick was impressed to the point of saying “I was the man”! That, Sir, made me proud. I’ve also taken the 10-hour Job Relations (JR) class and will soon go to Liverpool for the 40-hour JR class.


‘TWI methods are timeless, simple and effective. I look forward to sharing them at LMC with my supervisors. Thanks for your help!’


Oscar graciously replied that feedback such as mine proved that TWI skills and the TWI Institute form a very solid and sound path – and that anyone who takes the path will benefit. He also offered to help me with any JR questions.
As you can see, I recommend him very highly.


Neil Williams, Continual Improvement Coordinator, LMC.

Parkes Shire Council

Parkes Shire Council has been working with Visual Workplace Australasia (VWA) for the past 18 months. Our work environment is complex and our activities are broad. We initially engaged VWA to increase the capability of our people, in line with increased customer expectations within a specific area of Council.


The outcome and outputs of this initial project were very tangible and well received by staff and management. As a result, further specific projects have been undertaken. Performance to budget and working to agreed time frames for each project, has been a key factor in the delivery of these continued projects by VWA.


VWA and its team are different. They live and breathe by some simple yet critical business rules. They always ask, from our perspective, what is the best use of my time right now? The impact is, they are forever conscious of delivery of value.


They have been able to deliver results by increasing our employees’ capabilities in line with these requirements; our staff are then able to deliver the results, ongoing. Never ‘teaching’ but rather attempting to provide the conditions in which learning occurs. They provide feedback on feedback and are able to work with our unique workforce, which is critical to our business success.


Finally, one of the biggest reasons we continue to use their services is at all times they avoid using words that don’t give exact meaning. Words such as ‘should’, ‘could’ and ‘might’. In today’s environment this is very rare and understated. The key message is, they deliver! Doing as we agreed, when we said it would be done – with no exceptions.


Andrew Francis, Director Infrastructure & Ben Howard, Director Engineering Services.

Baiada Poultry

We are working with Oscar to develop a training pathway for new starters, building their knowledge and skills to enable them progress onward, maximising our human capital. The system covers the knowledge and skills needed, who will pass them on, and how.


Throughout this project Oscar has involved the experienced staff in the building of the knowledge and skill material, increasing the likelihood of a sustainable system, owned by our people.


Oscar has helped us develop a system of learning, in our own often fast paced environment that has the required consistency to ensure the quality required with the flexibility to accommodate the needs of the individual. He has made the step by step requirements clear, and reliably follows up on the tasks he is driving, carefully insisting and helping us reach each step of the project.


Garth Oakroot, Site Manager, Hanwood Feedmill.

Schneider Electric (Malaysia)

My thought on the training:
We had a wonderful 2 weeks of training on TWI covering JI and JR. JI is a very effective training methodology that we can apply in many areas. We were completely convinced that it can helps in shorten our training lead time, improve the efficiency and quality in our worker’s performance. How good if we can get to know this earlier!!


JR on another note is very much a soft skill training. On the first perception, it seems like a general knowledge; something that we were being taught in any leadership training. However similarly to JI; there’s a pattern of learning that we need to develop that is matter. Most of the time we know what should be done but we just failed to do so. JR will definitely address that as we will handle the issue steps by steps till that become a habits.


Oscar is a seasoned trainer, very knowledgeable in the subject. He carried out the training in his most professional self and accept no nonsense from the group. He has a sharp observation skill and always able to bring out the best from each student.


Chin Wei KUE, SC Performance Manager – Process Domain.

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