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In this disruptive world, workforces must be built to adapt, to embrace new business strategies and continuously learn new skill sets. The responsibility for this falls as much on the organisations as the people who work for them. In an environment where new skills emerge as fast as others become extinct, “learnability,” or the capacity to learn new skills and adapt quickly, matters more than what a worker already knows. They should be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn. Organisations that are willing to enable this learning journey will be able to not only address current skill shortages but also anticipate the demands of the future.

The TWI Institute recognises there are 5 needs of the Supervisor of which there are 3 skills.

TWI Knowledge Certification is a flexible on-line program providing precursory Training Within Industry knowledge to accelerate individual and organizational results. This program offers video lessons and certifying questions identified by TWI Institute Senior Master Trainer Patrick Graupp. Upon successful completion of all questions you will receive your TWI Knowledge Certificate.

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Skill in managing work area relations.

There is a basic skill, that skill being Job Relations (JR), that can be learnt. Someone who is a natural leader, if they apply the skill of Job Relations will become highly respected. An “unnatural leader”, can become respected by applying the Job Relations skills.

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Skill in teaching the work.

The skill of teaching is special, it can be learnt. This skill is called Job Instruction (JI). We need to put the workplace learner with the person who is best at applying the skill of Job Instruction. By applying the skill of Job Instruction, someone with reasonable knowledge of the work, can become a brilliant teacher.

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Skill in improving the work.

This skill is the skill of applying Job Methods (JM), making best use of available manpower, machines and materials.

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Global Network

With a growing network of partners and trainers in 29 countries and 5 continents, the TWI Institute helps organizations like yours develop the foundations for sustainable growth and success. Contact us to learn how the Institute can help you.

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Global Partners

Back Row (left to right):

Scott Curtis (Institute CEO, USA), Oscar Roche (Australia & NZ), Denis Becker (UK, Ireland & France), Fabrizio Paolin (Italy), Gerard Berendsen (Germany, Holland & Belgium), Joakim Bjurström (Scandinavia)

Front Row (left to right):

John Vellema (Scandinavia, Switzerland), Jitka Tejnorová (Czech Republic & Central Europe), Patrick Graupp (Institute Senior Master Trainer, USA), Agata Pawlukojc (Iberia – Spain & Portugal), Markéta Šimáková (Czech Republic & Central Europe), Carla Latijnhouwers (Germany, Holland & Belgium)

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