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TWI Institute Australia

There are two main reasons why an organization should consider internal development of Training Within Industry (TWI) skills.

The first objective is to prevent the occurrence of various problems that inhibit production. It is a means to solve the problem by addressing the direct or indirect cause. The second is a means of production enhancement, as it aims to address the problem that is hindering production.

TWI focuses on practice and not theory. The emphasis is placed on skill with the intent for the skills to become completely natural.

The TWI Institute recognises there are 5 needs of the Supervisor of which there are 3 skills.

TWI Knowledge Certification

TWI Knowledge Certification is a flexible on-line program providing precursory Training Within Industry knowledge to accelerate individual and organizational results. This program offers video lessons and certifying questions identified by TWI Institute Senior Master Trainer Patrick Graupp. Upon successful completion of all questions you will receive your TWI Knowledge Certificate.

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Skill in managing work area relations.

Does Care, Will Do


When results must be obtained through people skills in leadership are needed. Job Relations (JR) is the relationship between the Leader and their people and focuses on two areas. First, keeping the “JR line” straight, strong and correct through applying foundations of good relations and secondly having the ability to deal with people problems when they arise (which they will). The outcome of JR is Leaders getting their results through their people who in turn care and are willing.

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Skill in teaching the work.

Does Know, Can Do


Often variation from standard comes when the doers don’t know and/or can’t do. Job Instruction (JI) is the way to get a person to quickly remember to do a job correctly, safely and conscientiously. Focusing on three skills of creating a plan, breaking down the job into a recipe and instructing the learner, the outcome of JI is do know, can do.

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Skill in improving the work.

Easier to Do


When the job is hard to do and/or long and tiring the skill in improving methods is needed. In a world that continually demands change, making best use of available manpower, machines and materials is an essential skill of the Leader. Job Methods (JM) focuses on breaking down the job, questioning every detail, developing a new method and applying the new method. The outcome of JM means Leaders are continually implementing improved ways of doing the work – less risk of injury, greater productivity, and sustained quality.

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Problem Solving

TWI Problem Solving slows you down. This might sound counterintuitive in the rushed and compressed business world we function in.

The focus of the first step of this 4 step PDCA based method is Right First Time. Through efficient and directed analysis you get started on your highest priority problem points identified through your rigorous assessment of the gap, the problem. This approach is somewhat opposed to what we all tend to do which is “get started on the countermeasure”.

The method caters for the fact that many problems are a complex mix of physical and people causes. We draw in and build competency in common skills invaluable for any leader in both problem solving and in real continuous improvement.

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Global Network

With a growing network of partners and trainers in 29 countries and 5 continents, the TWI Institute helps organizations like yours develop the foundations for sustainable growth and success. Contact us to learn how the Institute can help you.

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Global Partners

Back Row (left to right):

Scott Curtis (Institute CEO, USA), Oscar Roche (Australia & NZ), Denis Becker (UK, Ireland & France), Fabrizio Paolin (Italy), Gerard Berendsen (Germany, Holland & Belgium), Joakim Bjurström (Scandinavia)

Front Row (left to right):

John Vellema (Scandinavia, Switzerland), Jitka Tejnorová (Czech Republic & Central Europe), Patrick Graupp (Institute Senior Master Trainer, USA), Agata Pawlukojc (Iberia – Spain & Portugal), Markéta Šimáková (Czech Republic & Central Europe), Carla Latijnhouwers (Germany, Holland & Belgium)

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