What’s happening with Standardisation at Warburn Estate (Winery)?

Through 2020 Oscar ran a series of webinars discussing Mr Kato’s Step Up model for standardization. In his application of the early Step Ups of the model, Oscar was able to refer to practical learnings from his work with Warburn Estate. Josh, the cask line Supervisor, applied Step Ups 1 and 2 to the ‘Jetpack’. His work has now moved upstream to the Bag In Box and Filler. Lisa (Packaging Manager) and Peter (bottle line Supervisor) commenced their Step Up 1 and 2 work about 3 months ago focusing on the Screw Capper and Carton Erector respectively.

Even if you have a service background, attend this webinar and:

  • Be quickly reminded of the principles and philosophies of Mr Kato’s Step Up model.
  • See what Josh, Lisa and Peter are working on now and how they are practically applying the principles and philosophies.
  • Learn what Oscar means by ‘the need for good instruction just appears’!Ask a question when you register or ask a question during the webinar when you attend live.15-20minutes of content and 10-15 minutes of open and pre-prepared Q&A:

1. Registrants will have option of submitting a question when they register.
2. Live attendees can submit questions during the webinar (to the host, Skylyr).

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Webinar- Developing Team Leaders in a ‘differently abled’ environment

The above image was taken from a carpark in Sri Lanka

While the daily deliverable for Griffith Post School Options (GPSO) is positive ‘participant outcomes’ and for every interaction for this to be the underlying intent, this must be done in an environment where the risk to the general wellbeing of participants and staff is sufficiently mitigated.

By late 2019 GPSO participant numbers were rapidly growing. Growth and risk were heading for a clash! Does that sound familiar?

Who best to manage this risk at the frontline than the Frontline Leaders. Thus GPSO embarked on a development pathway for their Team Leaders through 2020.

Do you want to know what happened directly from Jo, Hannah and Brooke? Please click here to register if you do.

You may have seen our Quests page in which case you will have noted the development of our ‘Practical PDCA’ Quest. We are well into the first Level – ‘Practical PDCA – the What and the Why?’. One of the video clips included is here on the right. Please check it out.’