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Standardised Work: Laying The Foundation

“Without work standards there will be no standardised work” Mr Isao Kato

With our ‘live online’ guidance you will establish Work Standards – your foundation for your robust program of Standardised Work. You will apply proven philosophies to your processes (as opposed to mimicking other systems). The philosophies stem from the 5 Step Ups for Standardisation model illustrated by Mr Isao Kato.

For more detail on the 5 Step Up model for standardisation click here.

Scientific Thinking – Get Or Keep Going Now

In times of uncertainty you can’t pause. You still need to work on obstacles stopping you reaching your Target Condition, right NOW.

We know Toyota Kata patterns are the way to develop scientific thinking skills necessary for effective and efficient adaptation. And we need that now … we must continue to strive toward our goals; the alternative is not good. We also know face to face hands on learning is best. But that’s not always practical and
right now it isn’t. Through this ‘enlighten’ program for Toyota Kata you will develop your skills; face to face with us, you will participate. You will also be wherever you must be, and we will too.

Workplace Experimenting – ‘Practical’ PDCA

What you will get: A person who can plan a workplace experiment, do it, compare their prediction to what happened, then use what they learned.

Assumption of competency in conducting workplace experiments may be flawed. This is not criticism of individuals. It’s a reflection and may in part be due to falling into the trap of overcomplicating things.