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Cabonne Shire Council- Developing their Leaders

December 7, 2021
The Water department at Cabonne Shire Council recently found themselves in a position whereby a Senior Operator and an Overseer were directing the work of others, yet they’d never held leadership roles.
Cabonne Shire Council- Developing their Leaders -

As the department recognised that leading people is a skill (thus can be learned), they have recently undertaken Job Relations training. They learned fundamental principles that, when applied day in and day out, will keep relations smooth and minimise problems from arising. They also learned that when problems do arise (as they inevitably will, one of the reasons we have ‘Leaders’) there is a practice pattern to handle such problems that helps get better results from the action taken – scientific thinking for people.

It’s early days, these leadership skills will be acquired by repetition and practice. As they develop these skills, they will become more effective in doing their new roles. They have committed to practicing the skill daily in their work environment and will receive ongoing mentoring and coaching, a critical aspect of any skill development.

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