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September 22, 2021
Three of their Leaders piloted a blended program consisting of Action Feedback Trigger based Activities with live online mentoring sessions. Learning and skill development was still individual, they still practised in their environment, however they then collectively reviewed their progress, discussed learnings and made adjustments to their next steps. The trio are close to finalising their Activities and this is the feedback about 2 weeks ago from one.
August 24, 2021
S&C Electric Franklin (Wisconsin) make industrial transformers. A group of middle managers undertook our ‘Getting Started With Work Standards’ 2x2Hr live online program back in April this year. Alex, Manufacturing Manager, immediately recognised opportunity through the Mark Rosenthal quote – “If you don’t have a clear expectation of what ‘good’ looks like then your definition of ‘not good’ is subjective and varies depending on who, what and when things are being looked at.

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