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Supporting front line workers into the future- a new partnership emerges

January 19, 2023
What is the compounding consequence of an aging workforce, rising demand and a tight labour market? Right now, we are at a crossroad in people development!

Dozuki and the Training Within Industry (TWI) Institute have partnered to transform the way organisations develop and support their frontline workforce. TWI provides frontline Supervisors with the skills to train employees effectively and in a standardised manner. Dozuki supports TWI skills, Job Instruction in particular, with digital tools designed to make training more effective and efficient.

Dozuki has over 3.5m Active Users over 600 industrial customers across 38 countries and works with companies such as Halliburton, Patagonia, Saint-Gobain and Tiffany & Co. Given the TWI Institute has 26 global locations, coaching and training on six continents and in 18 languages, this is a robust partnership.

The highly visual format of the Dozuki platform provides easy-to-follow manuals to accommodate varying learning styles and comprehension levels. However, there are many jobs for which there is no substitute for personalised, one-on-one instruction with an experienced trainer — and that’s where the TWI Institute comes in. TWI Job Instruction bridges the gap between autonomous, digital-only training and personalised, real-time instruction.

In late December the TWI Global partners received the first introduction and training in Dozuki. An upcoming webinar on February 15th AEDT titled Battle tested training links with technology. A ‘You Tube’ for instructors and learners (register here) will highlight how the principles and philosophies of TWI Job Instruction have been married with technology. Please join us.