Ben Chopping portrait in blue suit and white shirt

Director, Trainer & Mentor
0428 288 979
(+61 428 288 979)

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From local firms to global conglomerates, Ben has helped 50+ organisations develop staff, achieve change and improve.

His career spans a wide range of fast moving consumer goods.

He started work at age seven. From delivery boy to business manager (and everything between) Ben knows what makes companies tick and loves working with people to optimise them.

Hard working and entrepreneurial, Ben holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) plus several Training Within Industry qualifications.

Oscar Roche portrait in grey suit and white shirt

Director, Trainer & Mentor
0427 066 348
(+61 427 066 348)

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Oscar Roche believes strongly that excellence in business lies in the development of people capability. It is this belief, combined with extensive operations management experience, that permits him to add value to any organisation he works with.

Across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, Oscar specialises in developing the:

  • 3 TWI (Training Within Industry) frontline leadership skills of Leading, Instructing and Improving.
  • Improvement and Coaching Kata patterns outlined in “Toyota Kata” (Mike Rother).

Oscar began his work with TWI in 2009 after reading an article in the Target magazine and thinking “this is one of the missing pieces”. After first being trained by the TWI Institute in Job Relations, Job Instruction and then Job Methods followed, then recently TWI Problem Solving. Oscar and Ben Chopping’s TWI Institute Global Partnership was formed in 2011 which leads to work in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the US helping individuals and organisations develop the leadership capabilities of their people.

Oscar, now a TWI Institute Toyota Kata Master Trainer, has made developing his skills in assisting companies reach their business improvement goals his main focus. With them he has practised methods and developed his specific skills in order to assist companies achieve genuine and sustained improvement. Working with the frontline leaders and their managers in any business, applying the right principles and tools, in the right place, with the right people is the key to bringing lasting improvement in the workplace.

Oscar believes passionately that leaders have been ignored for many years, and now is the time to support their development in order for businesses to survive and develop. The practical nature of the TWI and Toyota Kata programs makes them the ideal vehicle to build leader capability development. So much so, that Oscar practices the skills in his everyday working life.

Oscar is a regular speaker at TWI and Toyota Kata summits and conferences in the US and Europe and a frequent presenter of webinars through Lean Frontiers.


Tran Nguyet portrait in white shirt

Trainer & Mentor
0903 111 853
(+84 903 111 853)

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Nguyet has 16 years manufacturing experience, an MBA, a food technology degree and many TWI qualifications.

She has led production, quality, maintenance, logistics and sales for global firms and is expert in food and dairy industry.

Working in these areas has made Nguyet able to develop, manage and improve businesses.

She knows that long-term success depends on staff.

Today Nguyet helps companies build strong bases for good business.

Paul Furtado portrait in grey shirt

Trainer & Mentor
0431 057 127
(+61 431 057 127)

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Paul Furtado is a continuous improvement specialist that utilises problem solving thinking and people engagement, both essential in the delivery of bottom line results.

Paul worked for Toyota Australia for 9 years in the areas of operational improvement, safety and organisational development. He received training in Japan and Thailand through Toyota Institute and was responsible for deploying Toyota Way, Problem Solving and Supervisor and Manager Training programs throughout Toyota Australia. In 2009 he was certified by Toyota Institute Asia Pacific as a Problem Solving Trainer.

Since 2010 Paul has been in a continuous improvement role and has worked with numerous businesses implementing operational improvements.

Paul received his Bachelor of Science from Latrobe University and his Masters of Business Administration through Deakin University.

Peter Ramsden portrait in blue shirt

Trainer & Mentor
0277 806 040
(+64 277 806 040)

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Peter helps organisations transition to a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

A qualified Job Relations Train the Trainer with a long interest in productivity management, he believes in developing people capability via Training Within Industry methodology.

Peter knows engineering from top to bottom. In 30 years of working with manufacturing firms across Asia, Europe the USA and Australasia, he has observed, benchmarked and optimised initiatives with various practitioners. For 12 years he managed up to 140 staff on three shifts – producing aluminium automotive, electronics and defence components for export.

A trained tool room machinist and Registered Engineering Associate, Peter has an MBA plus New Zealand Certificates of Engineering in both Mechanical and Production Engineering.

Jon Pickett portrait blue shirt

Trainer & Mentor
0407 858 839
(+61 407 858 839)

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John has the rare, valuable blend of trade training plus postgraduate business management qualifications.

His manufacturing expertise spans private and public sectors and includes his own businesses.

A Qualified Job Instruction Trainer with Training Within Industry (TWI), John has extensive Train the Trainer experience. He’s also a veteran speaker who knows communication is key to business sustainability and success.

John works hard on ‘the human side’ to develop, expand and help realise organisational potential. He has applied TWI methodology to great effect in sectors ranging from food and wine to paint, poultry and pet products.

Dedicated to clients and devoted to family and friends, John is your quintessential ‘good bloke’.

Darren McDonald portrait man with glasses and grey business shirt

Trainer & Mentor
022 373 1885
(+64 22 373 1885)

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Darren brings to any business a capability to assess the big picture and an approach that engages with staff to improve business performance and outcomes. Darren’s areas of particular expertise include:
  • Reviewing and improving core cross-business work processes.
  • Structuring of daily performance management and reporting to reduce stress on people and improve productivity.
  • Improving performance through training focussed on safety, quality and productivity of daily work.
  • Darren is an accredited TWI Job Instruction Trainer.
  • Developing managers who are confident to coach (develop in others) and sustain genuine leadership.

Darren utilises practices from disciplines including “The Learning Organisation’, Lean and Scientific Thinking . He is registered as a coach under the Callaghan Innovation ( NZ) – Better by Lean Program and a registered a provider under the NZTE Regional Business Partner Program.

Darren has a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Accounting), postgraduate qualifications in Organisational Change, Adult Learning and is a Chartered Accountant. Over the past 3 years he has also been learning Te Reo Māori.