Foundational Knowledge

Why Does Toyota Kata Matter? What is it?

A way of developing the systematic pursuit of desired conditions by utilising human capabilities in a concerted way.
Most companies are lead, managed and populated by thoughtful, hardworking people who want their team, their organisation, to succeed. So what is it that makes organisations fall behind and sometimes fail? The conclusion is it’s not the people but rather the prevailing management system within which we work that is the culprit. We need a more effective way of leading and managing people, and of ensuring our organisations find their way into the future. Through an initially structured pathway provided by the Toyota Kata patterns, the combination of scientific thinking and deliberate practice drives a cycle of “Think, Do, Learn” to meet business goals.

“The best short introduction to Toyota Kata I’ve seen.”

Mike Rother

Toyota Kata

Developing the skills to adapt and thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.
The need for change is inevitable these days. Competitors emerge, customers have new needs, and new technologies come along. How must your organisation think and behave in order to continue to be successful amidst unpredictability?
Toyota Kata Knowledge Certification is a flexible on-line program providing precursory Toyota Kata knowledge to accelerate individual and organizational results.
This program offers video lessons and certifying questions identified by TWI Institute Toyota Kata Master Trainers and affiliate Trainers. Upon successful completion of all questions you will receive your Toyota Kata Knowledge Certificate.
People often ask “have you got a presentation we can use that helps communicate what “Toyota Kata” is about?”
But Mike Rother often says “Hoping to create new behaviours by explaining or trying to convince people doesn’t really work. The explanation may be correct, but it doesn’t change us.” Perhaps consider Kata in the Classroom as a means of starting a conversation about the potential value of the Toyota Kata patterns.