Skill Development

Scientific Thinking – Get Or Keep Going Now

In times of uncertainty you can’t pause. You still need to work on obstacles stopping you reaching your Target Condition, right NOW.
We know Toyota Kata patterns are a sound way to develop scientific thinking skills necessary for effective and efficient adaptation. And we need that now… we should be striving for our goals. Through this live online ‘Kata Practise’ program you will develop your skills; face to face with us, you will participate.

Toyota Kata ’10-Hour’

Your people striving to where the organisation needs to be.
Outcome: Participants (maximum 10 per group) will be able to facilitate the application of the Improvement Kata and confidently practice the Coaching Kata as a means of moving learners through step 4 (of the Improvement Kata). As with the TWI J programs, the emphasis throughout is on “start learning by doing”.

Workplace Experimenting – ‘Practical’ PDCA

What you will get: A person who can plan a workplace experiment, do it, compare their prediction to what happened, then use what they learned.
Assumption of competency in conducting workplace experiments may be flawed. This is not criticism of individuals. It’s a reflection and may in part be due to falling into the trap of overcomplicating things.

Job Relations for Toyota Kata Coaches

Combining the thought patterns of Job Relations and the Improvement and Coaching Katas makes sense.
Reality is that people have limited time for improvement activities and results need to be generated and sustained. Improvement is more effective and efficient when the coaches are constantly thinking of the learners and other stakeholders as individuals and recognising that improvement in results happens only through people.

Skillpoint Workshops

A unique, innovative and accelerated approach to learning.
Skillpoint workshops focus on intensive learning and practise of TWI Job Instruction or Toyota Kata through a 3½ or 3 day immersion into a simulated world of lean and continuous improvement. The ‘work environment’ is as near to real as you will get.