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Darren McDonald

Trainer & Mentor

Darren brings to any business a capability to assess the big picture and an approach that engages with staff to improve business performance and outcomes. Darren’s areas of particular expertise include:

• Reviewing and improving core cross-business work processes.
• Structuring of daily performance management and reporting to reduce stress on people and improve productivity.
• Improving performance through training focussed on safety, quality and productivity of daily work.
• Developing managers who are confident to coach (develop in others) and sustain genuine leadership.

Darren is an accredited TWI Job Instruction Trainer and utilises practices from disciplines including “The Learning Organisation’, Lean and Scientific Thinking. He is registered as a coach under the Callaghan Innovation (NZ) – Better by Lean Program and a registered provider under the NZTE Regional Business Partner Program.

Darren has a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Accounting), postgraduate qualifications in Organisational Change, Adult Learning and is a Chartered Accountant. Over the past 3 years he has also been learning Te Reo Māori.

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