We have a 3-part system that shines a light on the roadmap needed to turn your key people into productive, adaptive, resilient leaders!

Transform your team in 3 easy steps:

1. Spotlight

2. Train

3. Succeed

At the centre of any change is people and people are the heart and soul of every organisation.

We are passionate about them. Can you imagine or think of any workplace or personal change that does not involve and thus affect people?

To add further, people generally resist change, they can’t help it. It’s the way we are wired.

Change is inevitable and adaptation is a must. How will you lead change?

Results are important and we’re very mindful of them. We need to be. But, if you focus purely on results, people may leave. Whereas if you focus on key leader capabilities of people, your results come, just not at the expense of team members. Further, if people trust your intent it will be much easier to make progress. (Thank you Dave Hyem.)

If you are looking to create lasting change in your organisation – we want to assist you in getting to where you and your people need to be. Great businesses have a ‘solve the customer’s problem’ mentality – both the external and internal customer.

Do your people approach problems scientifically and without ‘over-complication’?

We build problem solving efficiency and effectiveness and ask the questions that challenge existing thinking. We start by analysing the gap between where you are and where you need to be, and then, we build fundamental workplace leader capabilities.

The capabilities we develop are skill based. Our ‘doing’ requires you and your people to practise, not just know. Practise helps make permanent. Our methods are structured, interactive and ‘doing based’ with an avoidance of ‘death by PowerPoint’.

It’s Frontline Leadership skills that most interests me

Many problems that Frontline leaders and managers the world over face are of 3 very fundamental types – people who don’t know, can’t do; people who know and can, but they aren’t; work that is hard to do to standard. However, when leaders have skills of leading, instructing and improving methods, their people are most productive, adaptive and resilient.

It’s continuous improvement through scientific thinking that most interests me

Random disconnected actions when solving problems or aiming to improve in an ever-changing world means problems inevitably come back and improvements are often temporary. On the other hand, thinking scientifically will provide your organisations answers. (Copying what others do probably won’t work.)

Doing a live on line program is important to me ..

Since about March 2020, the world has changed – a pandemic came from left field. While still valuing face to face human interaction most of all, where necessary we are delivering desired outcomes live online. We learnt quickly – we must keep it interactive and we still draw in your reality.