At the centre of any change is people and people are the heart and soul of every organisation. We are passionate about them. Can you imagine or think of any workplace or personal change that does not involve and thus affect people?

If you’ve answered ‘no’ in your mind to this question, click here please.

To add further, people generally resist change, they can’t help it. It’s the way we are wired.

Change is inevitable, adaptation is a must. How will you lead such change that will come up against this normal resistance?

We are very mindful of results; we need to be. But, if you focus on results, people may go. Whereas if you focus on key leader capabilities of people, your results can come. Further, if people trust your intent it will be much easier to make progress. (Thank you Dave Hyem.)

If you are moving forward in your organisation we want to assist you get to where you and your people need to be. We build capability of people who need to lead, and we resource the building of trust in your intent.

What are your ‘leader standard patterns’ that build trust in your intent?

Great businesses have a ‘solve the customers problem’ mentality – both the external and internal customer. We build problem solving efficiency and effectiveness and ask the questions that challenge existing thinking.

Do your people approach problems scientifically and without ‘overcomplication’?

At the start we understand your gap and understand where you need to be, and then, through your trust in our intent and with transparency, we build fundamental workplace leader capabilities. People will always be part of the whole story … we recognise that throughout.

The capabilities we develop are skill based. Our ‘doing’ requires you and your people to practise, not just know. Practise helps make permanent; we don’t seek ‘perfect’. Our methods are structured, interactive and ‘doing based’ with an avoidance of ‘death by PowerPoint’.

Our follow up mentoring, which will be most of your time with us, is mentoring with intent; the intent to remove obstacles and achieve the condition we are targeting. Our mentoring is PDCA based.

Our programs include:

  • The foundational ‘Training Within Industry’ (TWI) programs – Job Relations, Job Instruction and Job Methods.
  • Standardised Work (the Isao Kato 5 Step Up model).
  • Toyota Kata.
  • Visual Workplace.

Best results come when delivery is on site; there is a deeper richness in learning and mentoring. Where necessity prevails, we can and do deliver ‘live online’ using our unique simulation system where applicable.

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