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Visual Workplace Australasia helps you make your organisation better able to set and meet goals, overcome obstacles, maintain stability, seize opportunities, become more competitive and achieve results.

We make your organisation better.

We do this by analysing your operation and helping your people learn to make best use of required skills. Not just once, but continually.

We achieve this by applying scientific, step-by-step systems and processes that have been honed and proven over many decades in every sector and field.

We’re expert in these tools.

More importantly, we can help make you and your team proficient in them, so the power transfers to and resides with your organisation. Our services will pay for themselves over time.

If you seek positive change, ongoing improvement and greater success, we should talk and you should read on, because engineering these benefits is our specialty and passion.

We work with medium to large businesses.

We build people capability in line with organisational goals and objectives.

Firstly, we (with the businesses) set very clearly the objective and then work towards achieving that objective with the people.

Our philosophy

About Us -

Goal focused

We're driven by where you need to be.

About Us -

Dedicated to building stability

We assist to turn your key people into becoming productive, adaptive and resilient.

About Us -

Driven by continuous improvement

We help your staff make positive, ongoing changes.

About Us -

Value focused

We concentrate on the processes that deliver your goods and services for which your customers and consumers ultimately pay.

Our Team

Director, Trainer & Mentor

From local firms to global conglomerates, Ben has helped 70+ organisations develop staff, achieve change and improve.

Director, Trainer & Mentor

“Oscar makes (lean) principles and philosophies consumable.” (Pat Geary, COO of Story Construction Iowa.)

Trainer & Mentor

Nguyet has 16 years manufacturing experience, an MBA, a food technology degree and many TWI qualifications.

Trainer & Mentor

Paul Furtado is a continuous improvement specialist that utilises problem solving thinking and people engagement, both essential in the delivery of bottom line results.

Trainer & Mentor

Darren brings to any business a capability to assess the big picture and an approach that engages with staff to improve business performance and outcomes. Darren’s areas of particular expertise include:

Our Partners

With a growing network of partners and trainers in 29 countries and 5 continents, the TWI Institute helps organizations like yours develop the foundations for sustainable growth and success. 

Mike Rother advises us on Improvement Kata. We associate with Visual Thinking.

Our parent is the TWI Institute in the USA.

We work in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam and Philippines. 

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We've helped businesses throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

We can transform your team in 3 steps:

1. Spotlight
2. Develop
3. Succeed