Live Online

Since about March 2020, the world has changed – a pandemic came from left field. While still valuing face to face human interaction most of all, where necessary we are delivering desired outcomes live online. We learnt quickly – we must keep it interactive and we still draw in your reality.

Interactive programs delivered online

While it isn’t our preference, where doing so makes sense, we adjust face to face delivery of any of our programs to live online. We make our programs as interactive as they can be. Be ready to not be able to hide even though you’re not physically in the room with us!

With anything we do live online we are conscious of avoiding death by PowerPoint while sitting in front of a computer screen. 

Mini simulation

We make use of our ‘mini-simulation’ studio with dual cameras – one allowing close ups so you can see hand action for example, one wider view giving perspective.

Be ready to capture data, make observations based on what you see – simply participate.

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