Skill Development

Job Relations (JR)

Building positive employee relations, increasing cooperation and motivation, and effectively resolving conflict.
Outcome: Participants (maximum 10 per group) will be able to strengthen relationships through habits centred on the Four Foundations of Good Relations. When people problems do arise, they will be able to handle them effectively and efficiently via the JR 4-step method.

Job Instruction (JI)

Train employees to quickly remember how to do a job correctly, safely and conscientiously.
Outcome: Participants (maximum 10 per group) will be able to plan skill based training for their department (driven by production and people needs), prepare training documents, and train a learner via the JI 4-step method.

Job Methods (JM)

A practical plan to help you produce greater quantities of quality products in less time.
Outcome: Participants (maximum 10 per group) will be able to break down jobs into their individual steps and question every detail in a systematic manner thus generating ideas for improvement. They will then be able to develop and implement new methods through eliminating, combining, rearranging, and simplifying steps in the job.

Skillpoint Workshops

A unique, innovative and accelerated approach to learning.
Skillpoint workshops focus on intensive learning and practise of TWI Job Instruction or Toyota Kata through a 3½ or 3 day immersion into a simulated world of lean and continuous improvement. The ‘work environment’ is as near to real as you will get.