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A unique, innovative and accelerated approach to learning.
Skillpoint workshops focus on intensive learning and practise of TWI Job Instruction or Toyota Kata through a 3½ or 3 day immersion into a simulated world of lean and continuous improvement. The ‘work environment’ is as near to real as you will get.

World class simulation

Skillpoint Workshops -

Most organisations struggle to learn the lessons of actual operation and development and how to change actions and behaviours that will move them toward a continuous improvement culture and a customer focussed efficient and effective operation, for example ‘lean’.

The Skillpoint workshops use the high-impact simulated production line created during the NUMMI years (joint venture between Toyota and GM in California). It’s complex and chaotic at times, with production pressures, allowing participants to experience how the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata or Job Instruction can be practised in the flow of production. They learn how to think and act in a lean and continuous improvement environment.

Skillpoint Workshops -

Skillpoint for Toyota Kata

Workshop participants will, with confidence, be able to facilitate the application of the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata with a strong focus on guiding others in experimenting towards target conditions. There is extensive coaching practice over the three days. Through collaborating as a group in applying the learned skills, participants develop behavioural patterns to take back to their organisations to help create a lean culture and improve results.

Skillpoint for Job Instruction

Workshop participants will leave with the skills to complete a job instruction breakdown, quickly train employees to do a job correctly, and the ability to integrate Job Instruction as the foundation to standardised work. They will have handson experience with lean tools and the operations of the Lean Enterprise.

TWI methodology

Both workshops are structured around the proven 10-hour TWI training methodology ensuring a consistent, methodical process for transferring knowledge and skills. Upon successful workshop completion, participants will receive a 10-hour Toyota Kata or Job Instruction certificate.

Experienced guides

The workshop is designed and delivered through a partnership with Lean Frontiers, the TWI Institute, and the Centre for Employee Development. This partnership brings experiences of focused lean training, solid instructional methodologies, and firsthand experience of working with Toyota.

Participant Feedback

“There is nothing like this anywhere else. The integration of JI and LES is inspired… The instructors on both sides clearly know their business.”

“Combination of JI and LES made for very good transfer and absorption of JI as well as exposure and practice with team boards, line balance/ kaizen and working with other team members.”

“This will help standardise training across the whole company so that our employees feel more valuable and are better trained, and understand their jobs better.”

“I’ve recommended this to a coworker. The more people in my company that use the skills learned in this workshop, the faster our company culture can change.”

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