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Have you done training before and discovered that little has stuck?

A Quest approach will help bring the behaviour changes you’re really seeking. In turn your organisation will achieve and sustain key results necessary for business prosperity.

Continuous good results are obtained through people who trust their leaders. Trust is built with teaspoons and destroyed with shovels. (Richard De Crespigny). So, as a leader, how do you consciously, deliberately, and continuously build trust?

There are many answers to this question but perhaps it is most important to apply simple concepts well. That’s exactly the opportunity this Building Trust Quest provides you.

Create lasting behaviour change

Our Quests system provides you affordable online training where learners enhance the value of the training they receive by acting quickly on what they’ve learned (through practice) whilst being supported by an experienced coach.

Such a model brings lasting behaviour change.

According to the AFT (Action, Feedback, Trigger) learning model, around which each Quest is built, the first step of an effective learning experience is to ensure learners take action. The learning arising, through reflection and correction, leads into the next action, and so on.

Each activity is a logical springboard to the next.

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Activity based learning increases 24 hour knowledge retention to 75% as opposed to just 5% from a lecture.*

Interestingly this goes to 90% if we then teach others.

* Reference: Andrew Fuller

Every learner in every Quest has a designated coach (mentor), one of us. At specific points learners are required to send activity outputs to their coach. The coach provides feedback and may ask questions. Of course the coach answers any questions or concerns throughout.

Every activity has an estimated time associated with it. (Thus every level has a time estimate available to it, as does the whole Quest.) The time estimate permits daily priority planning by the learner.

Your staff need to learn fundamental and new skills (as the world is changing and with it are new challenges). However, most traditional learning techniques don’t work well as they are not supported with a follow-up routine. Worst of all they can be a waste of time for both the participants and the businesses who ultimately pay both the fee and for the participants’ time.

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Our coaches provide feedback as you learn by doing and hone your new skills.

Where to start? Our first answer is always … ‘it depends’.
Frustrating as that is, copying what others have done probably won’t work. But as a manager, a HR person or a ‘problem solver’ for example, you need an answer! So please, follow this Quest to get your organisation’s answer – your pathway with a start point.
We feel that ‘problem solving’ may have been made more complex than it needs to be.
The practical nature of PDCA may get lost at times. Further, we see that the skill of conducting a workplace experiment has been lost in complexity, or perhaps altogether overlooked. What do you think?
You will have heard it said … ‘If only they had said something, that may not have happened.’
Maybe it would be better to ask (of ourselves) … ‘Why didn’t they say something?’ Because often people ‘saying something’ relies on strong relationships, and strong relationships stem from trust.
For those of you who have ‘done’ Job Relations training, how can you obtain further benefits using the skill in leading?
Throughout Job Relations training we are taught that Good Relations = Good Results. How are your results in your workplace right now? Can you get, or do you need to get better results?

Consider a blended learning program.

Increase people interaction and learning from other participants in your organisation through a blended program.

We logically group existing Quest activities into learning chunks. Each upcoming chunk is previewed live on line as a group with the coach. Then after doing the chunk it is collectively reviewed live on line promoting discussion and learning, again facilitated by the coach.

Our blended Quests are designed for groups of four people maximum.

One thing we’ve seemed to learn through the COVID pandemic is while many things can be achieved ‘without disturbance’, depth in learning comes from discussion, participation and collaboration.

Consequently we have gone a step further by combining the Action Feedback Trigger based Activities within our Quests with face to face or live online sessions.

First we logically ‘group’ the Activities. We then start with an introduction to the Quest (everyone together) where expectations are set with respect to outcomes and time frame. The first group of Activities are previewed. The participants then complete them just like any other Quest.

In the next session we come back together, review and discuss particulars of what’s been achieved, preview the next set, and so on. Some Activities are completed during the live sessions. Our job throughout is to facilitate discussion.

Your Quests -

What I got most from this was we are all following the same Activities but in different areas of operations and I benefited a lot from discussing all our responses together.

Charlie Harris
Cabonne Shire Council

Charlie’s group was doing the Frontline Leader Quest

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