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Humble Inquiry: Getting The Art Started

You will have heard it said … ‘If only they had said something, that may not have happened.’
Maybe it would be better to ask (of ourselves) … ‘Why didn’t they say something?’ Because often people ‘saying something’ relies on strong relationships, and strong relationships stem from trust.

Humble Inquiry: Getting The Art Started

Humble Inquiry: Getting The Art Started -


‘Humble Inquiry’ is the fine art of drawing someone out, of asking questions you don’t know the answer to, of building a relationship based on curiosity and interest in the other person. (E.H. Schein)

Humble Inquiry: Getting The Art Started Levels
Level Description Time
1. Introduction, Humble Inquiry Understand what is meant by ‘HI’ and why it’s essential that leaders practice the art. 1 hour
2. Helpful things to know before starting Before practice starts 8 ‘knowledge points’ are introduced plus an essential relationships concept. 1 hour
3. Conscious awareness (via a meta-pattern) ‘’You’ll pick up a meta-pattern quicker if you’re consciously aware …”. (Mark Rosenthal). Our 4-step practice pattern will get you started. 45 minutes
4. Plan to humbly inquire Learn to slow down! Give considerable thought, before doing anything. Practice Steps 1 and 2. 1 hour
5. Inquire humbly, consider outcome Practice Step 3 and part of Step 4 - inquire humbly then consider what happened. Control the process not the content. (EH Schein) 1 hour
6. Reflect and adjust Finish practice. The rest of Step 4 - make best use of increased trust and what you now know. 30 minutes
7. Look back, then commit Commit to adjustments in your approach as a Leader which gives lasting value from doing this Quest. 45 minutes
Estimate of your total time investment 6 hours
Humble Inquiry: Getting The Art Started Skills

To help you get started, be introduced to 8 knowledge points and a 4-step PDCA based practice pattern (all extracted from the Humble Inquiry books). Alongside, learn from a real illustration of Humble Inquiry.

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