Coaching Development

Training Within Industry (TWI) Institute Train the Trainer Programs (Trainer Certification)

Building your capability in training others in TWI skills and Toyota Kata patterns.
One of the key tenets of Lean is building standardised work – the best known way today. The Institute applies this in all we do including the trainer certification process. All trainers certified through the Institute use the successful TWI delivery methods developed during WWII and repeatedly proven throughout the years.

Following Training – The Coaching and Mentoring

Changing results through building people capability.
Be careful of thinking that all that needs to be done is train someone and they will do it. Particularly with adults, actions displaying competence often take time to develop and it is multi-faceted meaning competence is a combination of things. And at the day’s end, in order for there to be sustained acts of competence, there must be a positive outcome for the learner.

TWI Problem Solving

Solving complex problems involving people and process.
Daily results in the basics of quality, quantity, cost and safety often don’t meet the expected standard. Things impede these results, very rarely through intent. Adding complexity to the situation is that usually the impedance is not a result of a single factor, rather a mix of factors coming together at the one time. 5-Whys leading to a singular cause may be misleading?