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Training Within Industry (TWI) Institute Train the Trainer Programs (Trainer Certification)

Building your capability in training others in TWI skills and Toyota Kata patterns.
One of the key tenets of Lean is building standardised work – the best known way today. The Institute applies this in all we do including the trainer certification process. All trainers certified through the Institute use the successful TWI delivery methods developed during WWII and repeatedly proven throughout the years.

Why should I become a TWI Institute Certified Trainer?

You will be in the best possible position to be of service to those who wish to develop their own “J” or Toyota Kata capabilities.

Training Within Industry (TWI) Institute Train the Trainer Programs (Trainer Certification) -

We commonly get feedback along the lines of “I gained so much more than a trainer’s certificate from the week.” In fact occasionally people undertake the program just to gain a much deeper understanding of the topic.

You will be trained by experienced, engaging, and committed TWI Institute Master Trainers using a consistent method proven by the documented successes of our trainers around the globe. All TWI Institute Certified Trainers become part of a community that provides:

  • On-going support and guidance though the Institute and Master Trainers.
  • Training materials including participant guides, pocket cards, and the aids you need.
  • Connections to TWI practitioners to compare experiences and share solutions in manufacturing, healthcare, construction and service industries.

What does the one week program look like?

The TWI Institute Certified Trainer Program consists of separate 40-hour Train-the-Trainer (TtT) programs – one for each TWI program of Job Relations (JR), Job Instruction (JI), Job Methods (JM) and Problem Solving and one for Toyota Kata. You can become a Certified Trainer for any or all of the programs. The TWI Institute format is a learn-by-doing and coaching experience. Upon completion, you will be able to confidently and skilfully deliver the 10-hour program.

Facilitated by a Certified Master Trainer, the 40-hour programs are standardised to ensure consistency of content, but flexible enough to foster a positive and supportive learning environment for each student. Class sizes are kept small (4-6) to allow substantial interaction with the Master Trainer for every participant.

Following a ½ day introduction to the week each section in the Trainers Delivery Manual is handled as follows:

  • Demonstration by the Master Trainer. (The need for this diminishes as the week progresses.)
  • Expansion, often the “why”, on key parts of the section.
  • Delivery by one or more participants.
  • Feedback to the deliverer from the group and Master Trainer including deep discussion on key parts. (This is often the point of most learning.)

Prerequisites for becoming a Certified Trainer

All 40-hour Train-the-Trainer programs require successfully completing the 10-hour course of the respective Certified Trainer program. Individuals with experience leading others and implementing continuous improvement tools are well suited for TWI Institute Trainer Certification.

In addition to that above the Toyota Kata Train the Trainer program has the following pre-requisite requirements:

  • (Have) read Toyota Kata and/or the Toyota Kata Practice Guide (Mike Rother).
  • Demonstrate application of the Improvement and Coaching Katas via storyboard examples and accounts of coaching cycles. (On day 4 of the Train the Trainer week every participant informally presents a case study of their application of the Toyota Kata patterns.)

Training can be conducted at your facility or in TWI Institute open enrolment programs in San Diego, CA, Liverpool, NY and host companies located around the world.

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