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Building Frontline Leadership Skills

Where to start? Our first answer is always … ‘it depends’.
Frustrating as that is, copying what others have done probably won’t work. But as a manager, a HR person or a ‘problem solver’ for example, you need an answer! So please, follow this Quest to get your organisation’s answer – your pathway with a start point.

Building Frontline Leadership Skills

Building Frontline Leadership Skills -

This quest gives leaders the skills to close the gap between results expected by management, and the actual results being delivered by the people doing the work. 

A quest for supervisors, managers, HR people, support people and problem solvers.

By working through the logical and connected activities within each of the six levels of this Quest (see below) you will be well on your way to lasting ‘thinking pattern’ change.

Building Frontline Leadership Skills Levels
Level Description Time
1. A hypothesis! You can arrive at a robust hypothesis (even though there are no guarantees). 45 minutes
2. Measuring performance Narrow down the scope to a focus area and be clear on how success is measured (in that area). 1 hour
3. Frontline leader problems Typical workplace problems that F/L leaders need to address regularly fall into common categories. 1 hour
4. Where are the opportunities? Narrow the scope further to key drivers where there will be a benefit to the business. 2 hours 15 minutes
5. Drilling deeper Approach and confirm common causes through which will come ‘common opportunities’. 2 hours
6. Your start point Identify skills to learn and practice within a pathway. All paths have a start point! 2 hours 30 minutes
Estimate of your total time investment 9 hours 30 minutes
Building Frontline Leadership Skills Skills

*The focus of this Quest is the development of leaders who themselves have direct reports. You need to have ready access to such leaders.

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