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Practice Workplace Experimenting – Practical PDCA

We feel that ‘problem solving’ may have been made more complex than it needs to be.
The practical nature of PDCA may get lost at times. Further, we see that the skill of conducting a workplace experiment has been lost in complexity, or perhaps altogether overlooked. What do you think?

Practice Workplace Experimenting - Practical PDCA

Practice Workplace Experimenting - Practical PDCA -

This Quest is a sequence of AFT (Action, Feedback, Trigger) activities that will get you applying ‘practical PDCA’ to a real situation in your workplace – classic ‘learn by doing’. 

A quest for supervisors, managers, HR people, support people and problem solvers.

By working through the logical and connected activities within each of the six levels of this Quest (see below) you will be well on your way to lasting ‘thinking pattern’ change.

Practice Workplace Experimenting – Practical PDCA Levels
Level Description Time
1. Practical PDCA means what Understand what we mean by ‘practical PDCA’ and evidence to suggest it is important. 45 minutes
2. What’s your need? Identify a business need for a workplace experiment thus giving a fulfilling reason. 1 hour
3. Plan (your experiment) Give considerable thought - ‘research’ and discussion before doing anything! 3 hours
4. Do and Check (your experiment) Do exactly as planned! While doing and afterwards, compare what happened to what was predicted. The degree of difference will determine what you learn! 2 hours
5. Act Make use of the learning by considering the next step such that you and the business gain value from the experiment. 30 minutes
6. Reflect and commit Commit to adjustments in approach to this aspect of your work so there is lasting value from doing this Quest. 30 minutes
Estimate of your total time investment 7 hours 45 minutes
Practice Workplace Experimenting – Practical PDCA Skills
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