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Practising the Skill in Leading

Practising the Skill in Leading -

How are your results in your workplace right now? Can you get, or do you need to get better results?

Results in your workplace will differ to other workplaces but generally focus is on safety, quality, and productivity. We are taught that good relations increase trust, improve communication, and prevent problems from occurring, all 3 of which are critical elements in delivering results.

This Quest has been created for you to improve your results. You will hone your skill in leading by practicing Job Relations in your ‘world’. Like all our Quests, it has a focus on ‘learn by doing’, is based on small steps and activities along with feedback from a real coach. You will learn; you will hone your skill in leading through practicing Job Relations and improve your results.

Practising the Skill in Leading Levels
Level Description Time
1. Understand your situation Identify problems. Identify YOUR people, who YOU get your results through and what opportunity you WILL work on. 1 hour 40 minutes
2. Determine your objective Using your opportunity identified you’ll determine your objective. 30 minutes
3. Get the facts Using your opportunity identified you’ll get the facts and add them to your JR One Page document. 2 hours 20 minutes
4. Possible actions/ Weigh and decide Using your opportunity identified and the facts identified you’ll list possible actions and weigh and decide each. 1 hour
5. Take Action Using your possible actions, you’ll pick two (non-connected), ask yourself a series of questions, take notes … and then do them! 20 minutes
6. Check results You’ll reflect on your 2 action steps, noting what happened and what you learned. Then you’ll check results. 40 minutes
7. Summary Lastly, you’ll reflect on what you’ve learnt from doing this Quest then commit to adjustments in your approach to this aspect of your work. 20 minutes
Estimate of your total time investment 7 hours
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