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Are you giving credit when due?

October 18, 2023
A leader in any situation, being work, sport or conflict such as the World Wars, cannot get the results themselves. If we try (‘easier to do it myself’) we will become quickly overburdened, quickly finding our goal is impossible. There is only one choice; create real followers who by nature will trust us, cooperate with us, and provide us with honest feedback.

JR (Job Relations) is about the development of skill, the skill of obtaining results through people. To read more about Job Relations click here.

There are four Foundations of Good Relations used proactively and preventively:

  • Let each worker know how they are doing.
  • Give credit when due.
  • Tell people in advance about changes that will affect them.
  • Make best use of each persons’ ability.

For these foundations to ‘work’ we must actually use them! I feel that giving credit when due is a great foundation. I know I like to receive credit when it’s due, however I know I don’t give it very often. Hey, it’s the truth.

With this in mind, I’m going to deliberately practice using this one foundation – Give credit when due. I am going to actively encourage a new behaviour and run a test for 6 weeks (after which I’ll write the next article).

My prediction is this. In the 6 weeks while giving credit when due:

  • I’ll need to be specific so the person realises why I’m giving them credit.
  • It’ll need to be timely. (I think if I give credit as close to the event as possible my feedback will be more meaningful.)
  • I feel (because it’s front and center) that I’ll start hot and may actually overdo it and I also feel the credit giving may waver with time.

I’m going to make a calendar note each day to practice and I’ll also record when I’ve ‘done’ it, what the credit was for and the response.

I’m interested in you! Do you feel you give credit when it’s due? I’d love your feedback and thoughts as I practice, if you have any please send it to