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Scientific Thinking – Get Or Keep Going Now

In times of uncertainty you can’t pause. You still need to work on obstacles stopping you reaching your Target Condition, right NOW.
We know Toyota Kata patterns are a sound way to develop scientific thinking skills necessary for effective and efficient adaptation. And we need that now… we should be striving for our goals. Through this live online ‘Kata Practise’ program you will develop your skills; face to face with us, you will participate.

It’s been written about the TWI Institute that our value comes largely from making manuals and materials come alive in the hands, the minds and the places of our learners. Our challenge in developing this program was to maintain that along with ‘live’ telling, showing and illustrating. We believe we have maintained both.

Scientific Thinking – Get Or Keep Going Now -

Our emphasis is on the second level DO (above) through active participation in applying the Improvement Kata and then a follow up program of coaching and mentoring. Through the six week program you surely will get started and improve your skills in Toyota Kata practices in your workplace. If this is a refresher, you will hone your skills.

With a maximum of 10 participants in each group (all from one company or mixed) there are three stages in our program requiring full involvement:

  • Stage 1 – knowledge focus, pre-recorded, online, participants do on their own.
  • Stage 2 – knowledge and skill focus, ‘learn by participating’, live and interactive, online, all together.
  • Stage 3 – ‘learn by doing’, online mentoring, one-on-one or in pairs.

Stage 2 is innovative. In two x two hour sessions participants will view a live simulated process, and then apply the four steps of the Improvement Kata to that process. Where participants are located won’t matter, we will expect contribution regardless!

Stage 3 will commence in the same week as stage 2 with a ‘workplace application planning session’ with your specialist. From there you will experience a minimum of five mentoring sessions where your specialist will coach you on your application of the Improvement Kata.

Scientific Thinking – Get Or Keep Going Now -
Scientific Thinking – Get Or Keep Going Now -

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