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Workplace Experimenting – ‘Practical’ PDCA

What you will get: A person who can plan a workplace experiment, do it, compare their prediction to what happened, then use what they learned.
Assumption of competency in conducting workplace experiments may be flawed. This is not criticism of individuals. It’s a reflection and may in part be due to falling into the trap of overcomplicating things.

Practical PDCA is a critical base skill for any workplace leader.

The whole point of experimenting in the workplace is to learn something in alignment with a goal that can then be used to guide our next step. That goal may well be an increase in performance to a new mark, or simply a return to standard. The verb to learn means to, through study or experience, acquire knowledge of or skill in something.

An effective way of learning through study or experience, of going beyond our knowledge threshold, is to think and act scientifically – to conduct workplace experiments with a sound PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act/Adjust) base.

Throughout our four session live online “learn by doing” program, knowledge moves to essential capability development through practicing experiments on a mini simulation, then in your workplace.

Purpose and emphasis of each session (live online)

Workplace Experimenting – ‘Practical’ PDCA -

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