Toyota Kata

The Toyota Kata practice patterns make improvement a top-tier priority. They embed structured, scientific thinking into day-to-day work and quickly establish a culture of continuous improvement and problem solving.

“Practicing causes me to stop and think and do things differently.” (Jonathan Pooch, Deta NZ)

Toyota Kata -

Foundational Knowledge
I know.


Advancing Knowledge
I understand more.


Skill Development
I can do.


Coaching Development
I can help more.


It comes naturally to me.

The Toyota Kata Continuum

Through our global resources and rich history of providing fundamental ‘leader skill development’ in service, healthcare and manufacturing, we provide a continuum for development of base skills for frontline leaders, middle managers and those that support them.

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The Toyota Kata patterns have radically improved the way our managers and supervisors interact with their reports and has helped drive our organisation to be a leader in its’ field. 

Andrew Francis
Chief Operating Officer, Parkes Shire Council